Meet Thea Dettmann!

In 2016, Thea discovered the need for a place in Gqeberha where ladies could sell their beautiful clothing which they no longer wore. To make this concept appeal to the public, she decided on a consignment business model that allowed individuals the chance to make a profit, instead of giving away their beautiful items for free.

With no time to waste she converted their family garage at the back of their home into a little boutique, bringing the name The Backroom to life. With space being limited, she knew bigger and better things were destined for her business, which led her to lock down her current location of 62 Main Road Walmer where she has been since 2017.

Being a consignment-based business can present challenges at times, but she is pleased to see that the business is growing, despite the impact of COVID, as well as the competition of similar businesses in the market.

When talking to Thea about her choice of business and going online she said the following:

“Preloved clothing shopping should be a necessity. I always knew there was a demand for the shop to go online but have spent a lot of time researching the correct systems. I can finally say we have found it and we are very happy to be launching our new website, allowing us to reach even more customers.”

Special thanks must be given to Thea’s Husband, renowned International photographer, David Dettmann, for the beautiful pictures that can be seen on The Backroom website.

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